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Let's Taco Bout the Food

Premium Quality Meats Grilled On-Site

Hand Made Tortillas (100% Gluten Free non-GMO Corn)

Our uniformed chefs arrive 1.5 hrs before to cook onsite then serve for 2 hours. We take care of ALL the setup and clean-up!  All you provide is the space for the grills and some hungry guests.

The minimum package size for our onsite Taco Bar is 25 guests.

$23.50 per person +tax + $150 travel & setup. We offer price breaks once you reach 50 guests. Our prices are not negotiable but so is our commitment to continue being the highest quality taco caterer in Los Angeles.

We can accommodate events from 25 guests up to 3000 and are proudly serving San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, Calabasas and more!

Carne Asada Taco Maco Catering.JPEG

taco bar

Pick 3 Choices

Carne asada

Black Angus - aleppo pepper, citrus and coriander

Al Pastor (Pork)

sumac, achiote, pineapple juice

cleaned of excess fat, not too greasy

(add sliced pineapple for $10)

Pollo Asado

all natural hormone/antibiotic free chicken, yogurt, ancho-chile, lemon-lime

Veggie mix 

Squash, bell peppers, onion, corn (vegan)

cost per person. Must replace one of the 3 choices. 

If adding as 4th meat option add $2 per person to prices below

Premium protein selectiosn

"Salsa verde" Shrimp

za'atar, jalapeno, lime - includes ensedada style slaw and oaxacan crema for topping

Pork belly (Ikibir)

sumac and achiote dry rub

Wagyu Ranchera

A4 Wagyu - Salt & black pepper

Soujouk (Chorizo) (+3)

It all starts with a Hand pressed Corn tortilla

Our chefs will be cooking fresh tortillas to order during service

Although we highly recommend our fresh corn tortillas we can also add flour tortillas to any order for $25 or serve only flour tortillas for no additional fee 

INCLUDEd with every package 

Handmade Tortillas
Mini Quesadillas
Quesa Tacos
Buttery Basmati Rice
Spicy Morita Salsa
Mild Green Salsa

Pickled Red Onion
Grilled Serrano Peppers
Sumac Onion Slaw



Mexican Style Corn in a Cup with aleppo pepper, mayo, cotija cheese and butter

w/ Hot Cheetos Topping +.50

Guacamole + Chips 

Chunky Guac made fresh at your event

Guacamole Chips Taco Maco Catering.JPEG

Chef's additions

Guacamole + Chips - $3

Chunky Guac made fresh at your event

Esquites - $3

Mexican Style Corn in a Cup with aleppo pepper, mayo, cotija cheese and butter

w/ Hot Cheetos Topping +.50

Lamajun Quesadillas- $4.25

Crispy melted cheese inside a traditional Lamajun, served with Lemon jicama slaw and crema Oaxaca 

Nachos - $2

Cheesy White Queso... served with protein of choice

Keto tacos - $1

Crispy cheese shells for our keto fam!

Fruit Cups - $4

Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango topped with Chamoy & Tajin

Mini Truffle Tortas - $10

Ranchera, crispy onions, house made Truffle Aioli served on small Hawaiian buns

Salad bowls - $3

Customize your own bowl! All Taco bar items included plus spring mix, crunchy jicama slaw, sour cream and grilled fajita veggies

ahi Tuna tostadas

Crispy Lavash tostada, sashimi grade tuna, 

guacamole, aleppo chili crunch

Ceviche Classico - $5

Shrimp, Cucumbers, Tomato, Freshly Squeezed Lime, Jalapeño, Cilantro - Made fresh daily

Pico De Gallo & Chips - $1.50

Drinks Taco Maco Catering.JPEG

Drinks & extras

Drinks- made in house

Passion Fruit tANGERINE
Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower)
Lime Cucumber mint
Pomegranate Tangerine


Extra Hour Service - $150

(Price Per Hour)

Add Flour Tortillas - $25

(Flat Fee)

Custom Colored Handmade Tortillas - $45

(Flat Fee)

* $60 per 3 gallons
Cups included - Serves 30-35

Drinks Taco Maco Catering.JPEG


Our chefs will be cooking fresh Flour tortillas to order during service

After over a year of testing with over 100 different recipe variations we are ready to share this our delicous handmade flour tortillas with you!

INCLUDEd in our Breakfast bar

Handmade Flour Tortillas
Quesa Breakfast Tacos
Mild Green Salsa


Breakfast Tacos
Pico de gallo

Orange juice


Chilaquiles   - $6

Crispy tortilla chips tossed with a morita salsa, topped with feta cheese, guacamole, cilantro and red onion

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice - $6

One of our friendly staff will be squeezing fresh orange juice to order!

Breakfast Burrito - $6

Made with home made flour tortillas! Eggs, potatoes, cheddar/jack, choice of asada, bacon, soujouk (chorizo), or basturma (cured beef)

Tres Leches Pancakes or French toast

Tres leches, Strawberries & Crispy Phyllo

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